Lumbago or Low Back Pain (Lower Back Pain) is a musculoskeletal problems or disorder that affects the muscles, joint, tendons, ligaments and nerves in the lumbar and sacral section of the spine (below the ribs to the buttocks). Lower back pain can either be mild, acute or chronic in duration. Around 80% of the people’s population are affected or have experience lumbago at some point in their lives. Lumbago is one of the most common medical ailments affecting people’s quality of life, work performance and productivity. Lumbago is being experience much commonly by older person around their 50’s and up because of the wear and tear of the spines and muscles around that area. Strenuous works and activities are one of the major causes of having a low back pain.  A mild lower back pain is commonly neglected , after a few days the pain will develop into acute and chronic pain, at this point, this is the time people seeks for medication and treatment. Lumbago symptoms typically will be resolves within a few weeks with proper medication and treatment.

Around 50-70% of pregnant women have experience low back pain. On pregnancy stage, the body increases its hormones in preparation for the delivery of the baby, increase of hormones will soften the ligaments in the pelvic area and loosens the joints. As the pregnancy stages evolve, an increase in weight day by day is going to happened because to the fetal development. The changes in ligaments due to the increase of hormones and the increase in weight and the change of body posture may lead to a low back pain.