Lumbago Treatment

Home treatment procedures would be the first step in resolving mild and acute low back pain ailment. Home treatment procedures are only good for 3 months and if the low back pain is not cause by an accident. Home treatment procedures are only good for 3 months because in most cases mild or acute low back pain only last or fully heal in less than 3 months. After 3 months and if the pain is not resolve it would be best to see a doctor for a much proper and more intensive treatment.

Mild or Acute Treatment:

       ·         Hot and Cold Therapy
-          It helps decreases muscle spasm, relax muscles tense, reduces inflammation, increases range of motion and relieves pain.
       ·         Less and Limited Physical Activity
-          Lessen and limit physical activity, refrain doing strenuous work or activity, this will help relax the muscles for a fast recovery.
       ·         Rest and Relaxation
-          Have more time for rest and relaxation, prolong sleeping, lying or just sitting down.
       ·         Self Physical Therapy
-          Do basic and light stretching and exercises, this will restore lower back motion and strength.
       ·         Medication
-          Taking non-prescribed pain reliever and anti-inflammatory medicine.  

Chronic Treatment:

       ·         Exercise Therapy
-          Proper exercises with the help of a professional physical therapist are effective in reducing pain and help improve strength, mobility and functions.
       ·         Acupuncture
-          An ancient alternative medical treatment for relieving pain, the process of insertion of thin needles in the body to relieve pain and other symptoms.
       ·         Massage Therapy
-          Back and whole body massage helps soften body tissue such as muscles, it help reduce pain, tension, improve blood flow and make your body more relax.
       ·         Behavior Therapy
-          Aims to treat psychopathology through techniques designed to reinforce desired and eliminate undesired behaviours.
       ·         Spinal Manipulation
-          Is done by chiropractic doctors, the procedure is to comprises the movement of the spinal joints beyond its normal range of motion but not over the joints motion range that will cause damage. Spinal manipulation objective is to release pain and it will improve body’s physical function.
       ·         Prolotherapy
-          Medical therapy for treating musculoskeletal pain that involves injecting an irritant substance into a ligament or tendon to promote the growth of new tissue.
       ·         Antibiotics
-          Taking antibiotics if one of the causes of the chronic pain is a bacterial infection.
       ·         Surgery
-          Surgical treatment is given if the patient develops severe symptoms and complication such as functional abnormalities.