Lumbago Prevention

To prevent lower back pain it would be best to take good care of your body especially your back, be physically fit, avoid or minimize strenuous activities that can cause back pain, maintain proper/ideal body weight (BMI), have a healthy diet, and avoid smoking.

·         Exercise
-          Keep your body physically fit by doing some exercises daily or even 3-4 times a week for a couple of minutes or hours, simple exercises and stretching like walking and swimming helps strengthen your back muscles and make your body more flexible. Patient with chronic lower back pain should ask professional advice before engaging to a much intense exercise routine.
·         Ideal Body Weight
-          Having ideal body weight means less pressure and avoiding excess strain on your spine, joints and muscles on the lower back and pelvic area. For proper ideal body weight, refer on BMI (Body Mass Index).
·         Healthy Diet
-          Having a good and healthy diet makes your body healthy, it would be ideal to take calcium supplements as we grow old to maintain the calcium needed by our bones and help prevent osteoporosis.
·         Correct Body Posture
-          Always have a correct body posture all day, it’s one of the best way to prevent lower back pain.
·         Proper Lifting and Handling
-          In doing physical activities or work, it would be best to handle and lift things correctly to avoid injury and straining your lower back muscles. Limit strenuous activities or work, if you feel your back is in pain “ stop”, have time to relax, don’t over work it.
·         Avoid Wearing High Heeled Shoes
-          High heeled shoes makes your body to lean forward, to keep your balance the upper body push back, this will put little pressure on your lower back (lumbar section) of your spine, the pressure will lead to overuse the lower back muscles that may cause back pain.
·         Don’t Smoke
-          Nicotine and toxins in cigarettes affect bone health and may cause osteoporosis and other bone health related problems.